We believe in holistic education aimed at bringing out the best in our pupils- academically and culturally. To us good teachers are the key and while we offer excellent terms, we do have a very intensive faculty selection process. We are more concerned about your potential to become a good teacher, your personality and your character, than merely your qualifications and experience.

So, if you love children, believe in qualitative, child-centred education and are prepared to work hard, don't be afraid to apply. If selected, you will work in the best possible teaching-learning environment with the brightest minds in the profession. You will be professionally assessed, trained and orientated. You will also be exposed to the best teaching practices and trained to use computer and information technology in a modern teaching-learning environment. In fact, we will do everything possible to stimulate you and hone your professional skills because we want you to enjoy your classes as much as we hope your students will.

Since teachers play a pivotal role in the development of a child, the success of a school depends, to a great extent, on the efficiency of the teachers. It is the teacher who transacts the curriculum and carries on the policies of the management with efficacy. If the teacher community is not well-versed with the education system of a particular organization, the progress of best of the institutions will be undermined. Thus, it becomes imperative for a successful institution to carry on teachers’ training programmes at regular intervals. This is the reason that teachers’ training programmes have been an indispensable feature of Delhi Public Schools. You will be happy to join an organization where you’ll not only grow and learn every day but also get to understand and implement developmentally appropriate practices, hence becoming a true pedagogue in letter and spirit.

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