DPS Ludhiana has one of the best Co-curricular programmes to ensure the overall development of students. Health and Physical Education forms an integral part of the syllabi; so do Performing and Visual arts. Environmental consciousness also figures very prominently on this agenda.  

The bulk of our co-curricular programme is implemented through Thursday Activities held every Thursday and SUPW sessions held every Wednesday. Apart from these, various on-and off-campus programmes include a night camp ‘Khoj’, excursions and trips, and inter- and intra-school competitions. Students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills through a ‘Student Council’ that is governed by a prefect body.

To encourage and enthuse students, interactive sessions are conducted with visiting experts and celebrated artists, scientists, and thinkers throughout the year. With a view to reiterate values that make us patriotic, the current academic year has been dedicated to the theme, ‘Khadi’.

That is what our great patriarch, the Mahatma had envisaged for patriotic citizens who wear and support Khadi. His cherished dream was to make this nation self reliant by patronizing home industries. Khadi, he advocated, could bring livelihood to innumerable weavers and hence make them prosperous. In concordance with his views, we have subscribed khadi uniform for our students.

Takshila Educational Society has also taken upon itself to revive khadi weaving in the village Jamal Hata by providing the weavers an opportunity to produce the entire requirement of uniform for the four campuses. We hope that the use of khadi would help students imbibe the values that Mahatma Gandhi endorsed.

Thursday Activities

The first two periods in classes II to X are devoted to a multitude of activities on every Thursday. These activities are immensely wide in their range and vary from artistic pursuits to scholarly exercises. These are planned ahead of each academic year and are divided into the brackets of classes II and III, classes IV and V, classes VI to VIII and classes IX and X.

SUPW:- SUPW is an integral part of our school curriculum . The idea behind it is to allow our students to give expression to their co-curricular interests and aptitudes.  Participation in one of the activities pertaining to SUPW is compulsory. Some of these activities are managed by our own faculty and for some we hire external resource persons.

Eye Spy Indian Art

The Art Curriculum adopted for classes I to V has been shaping the creative expressions of our children beautifully and the tenet of art appreciation would also be reiterated in classes VI to VIII through the book “Eye Spy Indian Art” conceived specifically through this age group. Classes IX and X would get a flavor of artistic sundae as well through innovation based projects planned for them.

Book Writing Project

We provide a platform to students across our four schools to be a part of ‘Book Writing Project’. Auditions are held, students are shortlisted over a number of rounds and finally stories are unfolded. They are then published in order to reach a large readership.

With the great success of the Takshila Value Series that started with Ashwath, and progressed with Arete and Avigat, we have introduced Ahsaas and Amizhdham- anthologies of Punjabi and Tamil poetry respectively. The poems in them have been artfully collected and embellished from multiple sources to provide a glimpse into the rich heritage of the two languages.

At the heels of science trivia “Tann Mann” Takshila Publication has brought out six additional titles in Hindi to make up the kaleidoscopic series, the inclusions of which not only supplement the concepts taken up in classes IV to X, but also provides a unique insight to young readers in the associated literary and cultural aspects.


Since its inception, DPS Ludhiana has striven to make its students aware of the importance of being a responsible 'eco-citizen'. In the past, they have launched successful drives for reducing and banning the use of cheap and environmentally hazardous plastic bags and firecrackers. We constantly encourage our students to reduce- reuse-recycle- materials made from natural resources. We even have a paper recycling plant set up in the campus itself. Students distribute paper, cloth and jute bags in the residential areas, and go house to house to promote an eco-friendly society. A drive was instituted to discourage synthetic drinks and promote indigenous drinks for a healthy mind and body. The students have set up bird houses stocked with bird food.  Our young environmentalists have also been involved in projects like pond cleaning and its revival at Rurka, near Mullanpur and the maintenance of a park in the South City. They have also been a part of the projects associated with orphanages.

Sports Saga

DPS Ludhiana students have not lagged behind in the field of sports as well. Our students have reached National level in swimming. Many have won prizes at District level for skating and lawn tennis.

Saturday classes:- Children require to get out of the rut of the academics and assessments to discover their potential. We hold Saturday classes in music, art and sports to aid them realize their latent abilities and groom them.

NDTV School Programme.

An innovative approach to expose students to the nuances of media was effectively brought into place by the NDTV School Programme.

The focus of the programme involves creating a new generation of individuals with hands-on knowledge about the nitty- gritty of media and communication. The programme has already been conducted in the various campuses. The students had an enriching experience at the NDTV studios in New Delhi.

Bal Janagrah

Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future, so equipping it with civic knowledge and sense of responsibility is the first step in creating global citizenship.

Students of Class VIII participate in Bal Janagrah wherein they explore the state of civic affairs in their neighbourhood. They present solutions in partnership with local civic authorities. It is worthwhile to mention here that most of the solutions presented are pragmatic and have been implemented in many places. A salute to the new generation!

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