Takshila Educational Society strongly believes in Corporate Social Responsibility. This aspect is manifested through several of its outreach activities which are carried out by DPS Ludhiana. The following adducers will illustrate this.

VIVO :- VIVO Health Care Saving Organization based at Gurgaon conducted a workshop in the school to educate children in first aid. This workshop focused on what exactly is a medical emergency. It deliberated on what, when and how of medical exigencies. Many myths believed to be prevalent about medical emergencies were busted and hands on knowledge and expertise was passed on to amateurs.

JUNOON :-Theatre is a great way to not only vent ideas and thoughts but also to articulate them aesthetically. ‘Junoon’, an enterprise of Prithvi Theatre run by Sanjana Kapoor finds inquisitive learners in the school. Besides developing students’ theatrical skills, it facilitates their progression in handicrafts and puppetry. All the students of VI to VIII are the beneficiaries of this pioneering programme. 

SPICMACAY:- To instill awareness and pride among our youngsters for the rich cultural legacy they have inherited from their forebears, SPICMACAY concerts are regularly held in the school. SPICMACAY (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Among Youth) imbues the youngsters with love for classical forms of music and culture through scintillating renditions. This it does under the aegis of Takshila Educational Society which invites internationally acclaimed artists to its campus from time to time.

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