Animals of all kinds play an important part in the lives of people. To sensitize students from an early stage, regarding the importance of animals through activities, “Jungle Walk “was organized during the month of January for the students of Nursery- I. Huge cutouts related to homes of farm animals, domestic animals and wild animals with the heading ‘Jungle Walk’ was made and exhibited in the Nursery foyer. The day started with a special assembly in which the tiny-tots of Nursery presented beautiful rhymes and an action song related to farm animals. Nursery children were explained the significance of farm animals and Paper Loop Lamb were made by them during their circle time. Preparatory children made Stick Puppy Dog and the class teacher talked about pet safety guidelines and further articulated why it is important to follow rules to keep your pet safe. Potato Print Owl craft activity was done by Class I students and the class teachers narrated stories and poems to promote awareness about the hazardous effects of hunting the wild animals. These activities aimed at adding excitement in the lives of the children and to give them rich experience that leads to subconscious learning of a number of things which could result in developing them into responsible citizens of a country.

Added on: 25 Jan 2018

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