International Literacy Day

Every year the students of Delhi Public School celebrate International Literacy Day to emphasize upon the importance of literacy in their lives. Various activities were conducted on September 6, 2018 by different classes to mark this occasion. They were told about the three coloured bins used for discarding different kinds of waste like paper, plastic and organic. During circle time the teachers of Classes I, II and III narrated a story ‘A Cloud of Trash’ and discussed how we can avoid littering and make the environment clean and healthy to live in. Teachers of Class II did a small enactment on this story which gave them a firsthand learning experience on the importance of cleanliness. Students of Class III also enacted the story to educate their friends in an effective manner. All the students enjoyed the International Literacy Day activities and promised to build a better society by being the flag bearers of cleanliness.


Added on: 06 Sep 2018

Published by: School Admin