To help our children excel in life skills, several co-curricular activities are organized in school. One such activity is the Class Presentation through which children share their learning experiences of a particular month with parents through enactments, dances, songs, rhymes, etc. Class Presentation of Nursery classes started with a warm welcome presented by the students of Class III. Nursery children mesmerized their parents by presenting a classical dance on shloka followed by a melodious English prayer song.

A theme based talk was taken up by the confident Nurserians to tell their parents about their learning outcome of this month. Interview of the community helpers such as bus driver, doctor, nurse, farmer, baker, dentist etc. amused the parents. Children sang phonetic song to show how they are learning sounds of English letters. They sang “Swarmala” melodiously and also recited Hindi rhymes. Children showed the usage of “Jodo Gyan Kit” and sang numbers and shapes songs.

Nurserians talked about their visits to the kitchen garden. Few sections showed their love for Read Programme books by enacting on the Read Programme stories. Others performed puppet shows. Voice modulation and handling of puppets by these little children was amazing. Children demonstrated preparation of simple recipes learnt during the cooking activities. They demonstrated steps of hand wash and talked about the importance of washing hands before and after eating food through rhymes and songs. Children also talked about the annual theme “Mahatma Gandhi” and sang bhajan”Raghupatiraghav raja ram …..” Parents congratulated teachers and children for putting up the fabulous performances. They also appreciated the hard work of all the teachers.


Added on: 23 Sep 2017

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