Art1st End Year Training Programme

ART1st end year training program was organized at Delhi Public School for three days from February 2, 2018 to February 4, 2018 as a part of their ART1st Art Education Program.

Day 1 commenced with discussion on previous lesson plans and how the teachers implemented them in their classes. The mentors Saikat Surai and Premjish Achari guided the teachers to be sensitive to their children’s artwork and treat them as priceless works. Session progressed with workshop on Indian art history comprising of the works of Ravi Varma. It brought to light how Bengal school arose as an avant-garde and nationalist movement reacting against the academic art styles previously promoted in India.

The presentation was followed by animated discussions and inputs by one and all present. To conclude the session the teachers were divided into four groups to further work on different topics of the presentation. They were instructed to do a detailed research on the topics and present them the next day.

Day 2 started with a presentation on “How to Curate” by mentor Premjish Achari. He raised the question, “Is the curator only the caretaker of artworks, or is he/she also the caretaker of communities?” The mentor emphasized on the important role of a curator of taking art out to the communities. Curation involves the history, presentation, audience, aesthetic sense, meaning of objects displayed, textual information and the connection between the objects displayed. After the presentation, the participants were given an opportunity to hold an exhibition of the objects associated with their memories with a common theme. Later it was assessed by the mentors and the participants were helped to understand certain fine points for putting up a curated show. Teachers learnt that sometimes peripherals are not required to highlight the exhibits. Participants were given a chance to display their creation, again keeping in mind the points highlighted by the mentors for the next day.

Day 3 gave the participants a chance to once again play with their display and come up with something state-of-the-art. The exhibits now had a clean appeal that attracted the audience towards them. The mentors encouraged the teachers to visit museums and art galleries to update themselves. Different types of displays like on the wall, floor, framed, double sided were also deliberated upon. A brainstorming exercise was carried out to think about different themes and sub themes for the upcoming curated show of the school. The importance of documentation, cataloging, write ups for the curated show was also stressed upon by the mentors. Finally, the mentors and the teachers visited different venues of school premises where curated show would take place. This training session stimulated the mind of the teachers towards higher creative and experiential levels.

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