Prepare Your Child to Embrace the Change

A Parental workshop was conducted on ‘Preparing Children to Embrace the Change’ on March 10, 2018 in the Multipurpose Hall at Delhi Public School. It was an hour long interactive workshop, where the parents got to know about the changes which are going to be there from Class III to Class IV. The facilitator Ms. Anjali Chaudhary took over the workshop and helped the parents understand and accept the change. They were made aware of the subject teacher norm wherein one teacher would deal with one subject only and of the assessment system to be followed from Class IV onwards. The students will be evaluated through formal assessments as well as through their day to day performance under Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). Thereafter, the terminology related to the assessments was clarified to them. The parents were also made to understand that the final grades of all examinable subjects will take into account the performance of the student in both the continuous and the written assessments. During the workshop it was further explained to the parents that each assessment includes the CCE component. Continuous evaluation is carried out throughout the year in various ways which include written work, submission of note-books, verbal assessments, project assignments and other co-curricular activities. The workshop proved to be very fruitful indeed as it helped the parents understand and adopt the change before it comes to the children.


Added on: 10 Mar 2018

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