‘Vanishing Line: Changing and Merging Urban Spaces’

A photography exhibition ‘Vanishing Line: Changing and Merging Urban Spaces’’ was organized in the precincts of Delhi Public School from September 7 to September 15, 2018. It was presented by Arthshila with courtesy of the Neel Dongre Awards/Grants for Excellence in Photography. The exhibition was inaugurated by Ms. Phagun Saggar, the Chief Guest for the occasion. Ms. Saggar is a graduate from NIFT Bangalore and has worked for firms like Decathlon. The exhibition showcased a few sterling specimens of photography by six impassioned photographers. These photographers had named their creations aptly and done justice to the title by presenting some striking photographs to the spectators. They were:

  • “Khirki: The ‘Now’ Afghan Village” by Siddharth Behl
  • “Cow in the City” by Arindam Thokdar
  • “Coexistence in City” by Syed Adnan Ahmed
  • “Vanishing Lines” by Amruta Dhavale
  • “Urban Spaces of Gurugram” by Lokesh Dang“A Journey of a Million Dreams” by Surabi Janardhanan

The Curator and Jury of ‘Vanishing Line: Changing and Merging Urban Spaces’’ are Mr. Parthiv Shah and Mr. Aditya Arora respectively. Mr. Parthiv Shah is an acclaimed photographer, film maker and graphic designer. Mr. Aditya Arora is an eminent commercial and travel photographer. He has been on the Jury of the National Art Exhibition 2014 and many other national shows.

This exhibition drew the students’ and teachers’ attention to how boundaries of cities are vanishing to blend with the countryside.


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