Art Education Program

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”            Pablo Picasso

Keeping true to every word of this quote, an Art Workshop was organized at DPS Ludhiana from 17th January 2020 to 19th January 2020 for the Art Core team. Teachers underwent a three-day year-end training to learn about the History of Indian Art as well as shared their reflections and feedback on the achievements of outcomes.

Day 1- 17th January 2020

The day began with a presentation of the projects undertaken since the last workshop by classes I, II and III. This was followed by a discussion about the methods and the application of the same in their respective classes. Writing of the Artist Statement by the children was also looked at. Ms. Abaan took feedback for the experience that the teachers had in the classes using different medium choices. She also took feedback regarding any difficulties faced in implementing the projects and any changes that might be required. It was decided that the teachers will be submitting their lesson plans for the upcoming projects to the mentor. Further the mentor took up a recapitulation of the various ‘isms’ related to Western Art History taken up in the last workshop in October 2019. She elaborated on the various eras as well as the influences they had on Indian Art. The influence of Progressive Art Groups on the history of Indian Art was also emphasized. The day ended with Visual Thinking Strategy (VTS) done by few teachers to understand the art work of Indian artists before independence.

Day 2- 18th January 2020

Day two of the training started with continuation of the presentation on the Indian Art History by the mentor. Art works of the PAG- Progressive Artists Group were taken up as VTS by the members of the core team. After every VTS, each art work was discussed by the mentor describing the influence and the impact of the current affairs and the society on the artist and his works in the phase when the art work was created. The ideas and methodology of the contemporary artists were shown through videos. A short activity was done by the teachers in which they created a timeline in sequence, of all the artists discussed so far. Later the detailed timeline of the Indian art was penned down by the mentor dividing it into different phases. The teachers were apprised of the different phases of Indian artists which belong to the Pre-independence phase followed by the cusp of Independence, Modernism, Modern to Contemporary and the contemporary artists. The design of the invitation card was also discussed.

Day 3- 19th January 2020

Day three of the training continued with the discussion regarding the upcoming projects for Class II and III. The way in which the projects have to be done was discussed and the doubts of the teachers were cleared. Class IV and V projects were shown to the mentor and was followed by a detailed discussion. The mentor gave her inputs for specific projects of Class IV and V. The mentor reiterated that 10 projects per class have to be documented for record keeping for Art1st. Further the Curated Show scheduled to be held in March 2020 was taken up. Class-wise art projects were grouped according to the theme. The main theme was further distributed into three parts to categorize the projects. The mentor gave her inputs by visiting the space where the art works has to be displayed for the Curated Show.

The workshop ended with discussing about the Constitution of India and doing a quick recap of the three days. Overall the teachers benefitted a lot from the inputs and discussions during the three- day training.

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