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The very first day of the workshop was an orientation session for the 30 participating teachers of the program, the Magic Makers. In the warm up session, teachers were made to play some stimulating games which gave them an opportunity to revisit their childhood. This was followed by the screening of a PPT to give the teachers a clear idea about their roles and responsibilities and also get an insight into what all was scheduled for the forthcoming week.


All the students of classes VI to IX and XI visited Guru Nanak Dev Bhawan where they witnessed a play titled ‘Quixotic Wonderland’. The play was an amalgamation of the ‘Alice in the Wonderland’ and ‘Don Quixote’. The storyline of the play was an attempt to blend two totally different stories, from different genres and give it an altogether new flavor. The play was loaded with humor along with music and dance. The children were awe-struck by the performance as they witnessed a dream world where the characters went beyond boundaries and time in day dreaming.


The secret of the spectacular theatre performance was unravelled on the third day, when the artists shared some of their techniques related to importance of music and props in the play. Students learnt these techniques and understood how they could be used to tell stories. The Ranga theatre contemporized a classical story with a twist into a magnificent stage production and gave a beautiful message ‘keep dreaming’. Through this stage craft encounter students were able to grasp many fascinating secrets about –‘Rangaland’.


Children of Classes VI to IX got an opportunity to meet Ms. Preethi Athreya and her team members on the fourth day of the programme. The audience was enthralled with their spirited performance of ‘Conditions of Carriage – The Jump Project’. Ms. Preethi a Chennai-based contemporary dancer and choreographer believes in exploring the body and space around it.


On day 5, children had an interactive session with Paro Anand, a renowned writer. She has written 26 books till now; to name a few- ‘No Guns at My Son’s Funeral’, ‘Like Smoke’, ‘Wingless’ etc. Her book ‘Like Smoke’ won Sahitya Akedemi Award. She shared with the children that she writes two books simultaneously because if she gets stuck with one then she can turn to the other. She also shared that she is so addicted to writing daily, that if she misses even a single day then she feels as if she hasn’t breathed at all. The most important thing that she shared with children was that she loves experimenting with new ideas and when she is in the process of writing it is like living in a different world.


Creative Showcase entailed the culmination of all the innovative ideas, incredible finesse and harmonious teamwork the students had manifested in the last four days. Today was the day when they all hoped to enthrall the audience with their creations.

The Magic Makers presented stories that were expressed   through words, music and other creative methods. They were copiously helped by Creative Collaborators who had added more ideas and magic to the fascinating stories. These presentations were in their most refined form as Raving Reviewers had also given their valuable observations and feedback to the groups a day before. One could see Dynamic Designers giving that special touch to the props and sets that they had fashioned to embellish the creations of Magic Makers and Creative Collaborators. The Ambitious Advertisers were seen using multifarious ways: posters, leaflets, jingles and songs to draw audiences to the destination where the show was being put up. The Dedicated Documenters were sincerely capturing the proceedings of the programme minute by minute and compiling it. Now it fell upon the Just Jurists to give the final verdict in the form of medals, trophies and mementoes to those creations that had succeeded in capturing their hearts. The exciting day ended with the students experiencing an unrivalled satisfaction that comes from having creating something independently.

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