Hands on Learning

An enlightening workshop was conducted in Delhi Public School on July 15, 2017 for the new set of Nursery and Preparatory parents on the topic ‘Hands-on Learning’. The session started with a welcome address by Ms. Ravneet. Significance of the topic and the teaching methodology was discussed by Ms. Sheetal. She told the parents that their main aim is to help the children grow in academic, artistic and sporting endeavours-without placing undue pressure on the children. She told the parents that how- ‘Thematic Learning‘ helps in better understanding of a particular concept. Project activities, Art activities and Bioscope slides are based on the theme for that month and are very helpful in making the theme clear. She also discussed the importance of Jodo Gyan, which plays a vital role to nurture the creativity and innovation of the children. Various preprimary concepts like counting, sorting, colours, patterns etc. are taught through Jodo Gyan material. Ms. Rachna equipped the parents with various activities conducted in the school like major co-curricular activities, postman activities, kitchen garden activities, cooking activities and so on. Our school programs provide a platform to the children, where they can explore and experience by doing.

Ms. Gaganpreet briefed the parents that how outdoor play and the ‘Learning Centres’ are an integral part of the school curriculum. Some of the core skills learnt in the Learning Centre’s time include - caring, sharing and cooperation. They learn the whathowwhen, and why, of things with which they interact. These experiences are necessary for the youngsters of today. Construction Area, Manipulative Area, Tearing and Pasting Area, Fantasy Area help the children to display their creativity and prove as a platform for them to display their hidden emotions.

However, hands-on learning also allow auditory learners to talk about what they are doing, visual learners to see what everyone is creating, and social learners to spend time in small group conversation. All in all, a hands-on learning approach can benefit students of all strengths. In the end Ms.Rimpi acknowledged the parents for their valuable presence.

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