A workshop was conducted on Social Media and Responsible Decision Making on 26th Oct 2017 at Delhi Public School. It was an hour long interactive workshop, where the participants learnt how to make responsible decisions where social networking is concerned. The facilitator was Ms. Palak Jain, a counseling psychologist from the department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Hospital. She was assisted by Ms. Rupali, an intern from the same department.

The session started with an introduction to how each one of us today is a part of the social networking fabric. Children were told about the accidental or conscious choices of role models made under the pressure of social media. Conscious choice would always be positive as we do not give in to any peer pressure or weakness as is the case of accidental choice. Choosing wisely was taught and asserted upon during the session.  Social media changes the way they perceive the world and interact with one another. Providing an avenue for them to stay connected with peers, it molds the way they think or behave. It doesn’t have any sort of gate keeping, making it difficult to filter the content available on it. Thus any news available on it has no credibility. Hence, the point, whether we were apes blindly following and copying our role models, was discussed which was later related to observational learning. A discussion was held on the affect of social media on the mental health of teens besides posing a threat to their safety and security.  The students were made aware of the vastness of social media, cyber bullying, waste of time and hence the loss of a child’s ability to develop strong interpersonal relationships due to them.

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