100 Day Celebration

“Centurion” a major co-curricular activity was organized on 13th of July for the students of Nursery to celebrate completion of their 100 days in school. The motive of organising such events is to lead them towards a happy and well adjusted school life and also to introduce them to the joy of learning. On this day, a Special Assembly was conducted by the teachers and students. Here they got a platform to shed their inhibitions and discover their talents. Principal Madam enlightened the children with her speech prepared in 100 words and congratulated the students on their 100 days completion in DPS.

Students cut a cake with a 100 numbered candle and relished the same during their food break. The Music department & teachers along with the children recited melodious songs like- 100 days of school and many more. There were many indoor activities for the students like – making of crowns, magic wands, 100 smiley faces, 100 thumb impressions etc. Also children enjoyed dancing for exactly 100 seconds with the music. A great performance was put up by a teacher who dressed up as zero the hero (joker) with numbers written on his costume like 10, 20, 30, 40 etc. Children were prompted to ask different questions about his life like – his house no., his street no., how many brothers and sisters he has? He answered all in hundreds. Attractive teddy bear card with a good luck message written inside by the teacher was given to children to colour and decorate it. Later few children accompanied one of the teachers to an old age home during school hours and gave cards to the old people. Children left the school campus by waving and clapping with vigor and verve.

Added on: 13 Jul 2018

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