‘The best education you will ever get is travelling. Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences.’   By: mark Patterson

Travelling is not about the places you visit, it is equally about how you commute. The beginning of the journey is always by the transportation you use. Today’s world is full of choices and convenience, we have an upper hand to choose and explore the means of transport. All the means of transportation which we select have certain rules and regulations which help us to build a “Safety Zone” around us.

Children are our asset, they often lack in skills to protect themselves, it important for us to imbibe in them safety measures to be taken on road so that they are safe.

The day began with the arrival of students and they observed a model of traffic park, buildings along with various others signs. All the students of class Nursery and class Preparatory came in casual dresses. Students of class Nursery and students of class Preparatory were dressed in Green, red and yellow color respectively. All three means of transportation that is land transport, air transport and water transport were displayed beautifully by the teachers.

The Nursery foyer area was used to make a miniature of Traffic park. All the road signs related to school, hospital and hotel were depicted clearly. Different toys were used to create parking area, railway track, airport and harbour. Signs related to men at work along with the signboard of hills was eye catchy.

Special Assembly:

A combined special assembly was conducted for the students in the Multi Purpose Hall. The assembly began by seeking the blessings of the Almighty through shloka and prayer song which was melodiously sung by the students of class Nursery with the help of music department.  

The windows of the Multi Purpose hall  were decorated with red, green and yellow color        paper depicting the colors of traffic lights they were given detailed explanation of each and every element displayed in the Nursery foyer area. Students of class Nursery presented rhymes on transportation followed by students of class Preparatory who presented rhymes on road safety.

A driver and conductor from the school were also made a part of the assembly where     they made students aware of the safety rules to be followed in the bus as well as on the road to avoid any kind of mishappening Towards the end of the assembly teachers of class Nursery sang a melodious song and presented an enactment related to road safety which was enjoyed by everyone. Children thanked the driver and the conductor by giving them a small token in the form of card.

Indoor Activities

During circle time teachers explained the students about different road signs, zebra crossing, helping old people in crossing the road and most importantly laid stress on following all the rules to be safe. As a follow up activity the students of class nursery made a craft in their scrap files which was related to “No Honking”

Prep class students were explained about safety rules to be followed while driving specifically on “Not to use mobile phone” while driving any kind of vehicle.  They also did a craft for the same.

The efforts of the students, art department, music department and the teachers were evident throughout the day. The day ended with a lot of learning and an extensive platform was given to students to satisfy their curiosities.

Added on: 23 Jan 2020

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