To enhance communication skills and to shed stage inhibitions, public speaking presentations play a vital role in developing one’s personality. The students of Class III attended the public speaking classes from the month of April and did small in-house presentations like Show and Tell, Storytelling, Who am I?,  Book Launch, News Speak etc. These presentations helped the students shed their inhibitions and work on the appropriate body language. All the students put an effort to refine the way they present themselves in front of the audience. They try to enhance their verbal and non-verbal communication skills during the public speaking classes.

The title of the final presentation of English Public Speaking of Class III was – ‘Through the Looking Glass’ based on Lewis Carroll’s famous classic novel. Alice in the novel goes through a looking glass – a world full of adventures. But here in our presentation, our Alice sets on a journey into today’s world, where our society is infested with certain social evils like child labour, female infanticide, scarcity of water etc. Amidst all these evils, which prevail in our society, there was one man who gave a strong value system, to our society – GANDHI, the father of our nation. He was a deeply moral person who believed firmly in the construction of a good value system in free India. For this he gave us many valuable principles, which were beautifully depicted in the presentation. The presentation culminated with a small dance performance by the students.

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