A parental workshop on ‘Importance of Cyber Safety’ was organized on May 05, 2018. Ms. Ramandeep Khanna accorded a warm and hearty welcome to Ms. Heena Kalra and Ms. Gurpreet Kaur, the facilitators for the session. Ms. Heena Kalra, a database expert for last ten years, looking after Servers and Information Management System at the renowned Punjab College of Technical Education, Ludhiana and Ms. Gurpreet Kaur a software developer and Assistant professor in PCTE Group of Institutes took up the session and spoke on the ‘Importance of Cyber Security’. They enunciated that internet is one of the greatest tools on the planet for enhancing student learning. It is a platter of information waiting to be devoured by hungry minds. However, it can also be a dangerous place where students find themselves alone and uneducated about how to handle tricky situations. The facilitators elaborated on the fact that the biggest security threats to children today are the fan sites, free stuff, stalking, malicious and phishing websites. It is pertinent to learn the importance of never sharing our passwords personally as well as online with anyone. Another step to cyber safety is learning to protect our family computers as well as the mobile devices by using software updates, incognito mode, secure Wi-Fi and never using remember password for any of the sites. The facilitators made the audience familiar with various acronyms being used by kids these days, like POS (parents over shoulder), CD9 (parents are around) etc. They also discussed finding ways of speaking to children about cybercrimes and cyber security. They provided the parents with some quick and useful tips like talking frequently and openly with their children, keeping a check on their online buddies and keeping a track of the apps being used by them.

Added on: 05 May 2018

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