Junoon Arts at Play | Classes: III - VIII

‘Junoon Arts at Play’ at Delhi Public School aimed to provide our young minds an exposure to an exciting new world – the world of arts. The three-day long cornucopia of culture helped the Dipsites to witness art at its best.

February 11, 2020 (Day 1): Arts Encounter with KELI’s Koodiyattam

KELI is a cultural organisation based in Mumbai. It works tirelessly to preserve India’s deep and diverse classical heritage- particularly in dance and music. Koodiyattam is a traditional form of theatre that originated in Kerala. It is not only the oldest form of ancient Sanskrit drama in India, but it is also the oldest form of drama in the world. Koodiyattam was performed on the stage of the school by Chakyar men. All the students from classes VI to VIII gathered in the Multipurpose Hall and witnessed a remarkable performance by the artists Shri Sooraj Nambiar, Shri Jinesh Chakyar, Shri Ratheeshbhas and Shri Ramachandran. It was a visual delight to watch how the actor carried out the act of the elephant, trying hard to free itself from the lion. In the second act, he acted as butterflies and houseflies flying in a garden. In another act, the artist showed various facial expressions and the students had to guess the emotions like fear, anger, surprise, happiness and disgust, through his gestures.

February 12, 2020 (Day 2): Theatre Adventure

On the second day of ‘Junoon Arts at Play’ Jana Natya Manch (Janam) put up two scintillating plays: ‘Girgit’ and ‘Machine’. The play ‘Girgit’ put up by them in the campus of the school is a delightful adaptation of the classic Anton Chekov story, ‘The Chameleon’. Children   relished the play and understood its essence completely. The next play on row was ’Machine’. The play written by Safdar Hashmi and Rakesh Saksena is about a machine, created by human figures, that becomes a symbol of exploitation of workers in the economic system called Capitalism.

February 13, 2020 (Day 3): Humara Circus

A play “Humara Circus” was organized for the students of classes III -V by Puppet Shala Arts Group. Puppet Shala is known not only for performing different kinds of puppetry  rod-puppets, glove-puppets, string-puppets, shadow-puppets, as well as masks, but also for their unique sense of humour, and the way they use puppets to tell stories about being humane. The show was directed by Mohammad Shameem and performances were given by great artists like Umesh Kumar, Nitu Kumari and Mohammad Shameem himself. The children thoroughly enjoyed watching the “Humara Circus” play made up of a series of small, musical scenes wherein various objects came to life. Puppets were operated through strings attached to their knees, hips, wrists, shoulders and that made each part of their body move in direction just as the humans do. Children were wonderstruck to see the intricate skill of coordination and balancing of the puppetry artist. The stories enacted by puppets expressed the fact that everyone is unique and should be welcomed with open arms. It was a joyful learning experience for all the children.

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