Art Education Program

Delhi Public School organized a five- day Art Education workshop from 22nd May to 26th May 2017.  On the first day of the workshop the facilitators Mr. Saikat Surai and Ms. Gopa Tridevi discussed last year’s curation and appreciated the work that was put up in the show. They also discussed the weak areas which should be kept in mind for planning the next curation show. Lesson Plan Templates’ format was discussed and how it has to be designed taking care of the objectives, teaching methodology, learning outcomes, questions etc. Grade I teachers presented My Doddle Buddy’ using the methodology they adopted while conducting the project with the students. Grade II teachers presented ‘Lilo the Noodles’ by introducing the concept with the help of a poem.  They embellished the presentation by using props and narrating a short story. Grade III teachers presented “Dots”. They initiated the project by taking up the short story of a girl named Millie.  Grade IV teachers presented the project ‘Take Away’.  In this they demonstrated how to make the concept of a sketch clear to the students. Grade V teachers presented the project ‘Drawings’. The difference between a sketch and a drawing was explained and it was further clarified by the mentors.

Second day’s session was also taken up by Saikat Surai and Gopa Trivedi after the world prayer and meditation at 7.00 am. The session comprised of presentations on lesson plan templates for different chapters by the teachers. The first presentation was put forward on dots for Class III where the teacher explained the concept of pointillism by using Rangoli colours and mixing them. Next was the presentation on composition for Class V. The teachers came up with an innovative game of positioning cutouts of different shapes to get compositions.

A world of dots for Class I was put forward using dots of paper to make various objects. It was followed by making of a small booklet with a hole. The teachers drew a story around the hole on each page thereby playing with their imagination. ‘Expressive Lines’ was taken up by Class III teachers who acquainted others with lines. The trainees traced lines with a tracing paper kept on a picture and later on completed the picture on their own using different lines. The day ended with a presentation on sketching where the teacher explained how all our rough sketches can translate into wonderful artworks.

The third day started with the prayer followed by a presentation of lesson dots by the teachers of Classes I, II & III. After the discussion teachers shared the objectives written by them with everyone so that each participant can give their inputs to formulate the final aims and objectives of the given chapters.

The fourth day’s session was taken by Mrs Renu Nargunde, which started with blissful session of prayer and meditation at 7:30 am sharp and followed by brainstorming. This included fun activities in which all the teachers participated with great zeal and fervour and put forward their novel ideas.

On the last day the mentor Ms. Renu recapitulated the Bloom’s Taxonomy with the teachers. She discussed the various domains of Bloom’s Taxonomy and the teachers were asked to frame the objectives for their lesson plans based on it. Each teacher was asked to bring one portfolio of the previous year, for assessment. Ms. Renu helped the teachers to assess the portfolio based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. After assessment, Ms. Renu asked the teachers to frame the learning outcomes keeping in mind the assessment rubrics.

Learning new ways of teaching art to students at the workshop was like reliving their childhood.  There was a sense of childlike wonder when their teaching objectives resulted in art coming to life. The workshop was a part of fostering art at all levels and hopes for future brainstorming sessions.

Added on: 22 May 2017

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