Innovations In Teaching Math

 “Without Mathematics, there is nothing you can do. Everything around you is Mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.”       - Shakuntala Devi

Math is an incredibly important part of our lives and many people do not realize how much Math they tend to encounter on a daily basis. The laws of Mathematics govern everything around us and without a good understanding one can face significant problems in life.  However, Math has a wide spread reputation for being the subject students hate. Students’ attitude towards Math seems to be shaped by how students define Mathematics, and what they consider the role of Mathematics to be in their life, hence making it difficult to learn Mathematics meaningfully and have understanding of it. Developing a love for Maths at an early stage is absolutely crucial to appreciate it not just as a subject in later life but also an essential everyday tool that helps them get by. Jodo Gyan is an effective and innovative way that focuses on developing student understanding in primary Mathematics through imagination and play. Mathematical concepts are introduced in an interesting and enjoyable way through stories, games and other interactive methods to develop a liking and understanding for Mathematics among students during the early formative years of schooling.

In order to give the parents a glimpse and acquaint them with the innovative ways in which teaching takes place through Jodo Gyan, an informative workshop was conducted in the Multi Purpose Hall for the parents of class Nursery, Preparatory and One. The session started by extending a warm welcome to the parents by Ms. Rimpi. The facilitators of this workshop were Ms. Rachna and Ms. Gaganpreet who gave parents an insight into the innovative ways to reach out to the students and transform the way they learn with the designed curriculum and tools of Jodo Gyan.Activities like ‘ Sajana, Ganit Mala , Number Combinations, Chit  Game, Addition through Train Activity, Bazaar Activity through Mann cards and Sillai Mithai and Comparison with Blocks’ were taken up through which concepts of sorting, counting, adding, number recognition, comparison and how many more or less’ were covered without putting in any formal Mathematical application.. Estimation using Rangometry shapes was also demonstrated. All the parents participated enthusiastically and were amazed to see how effortlessly Mathematical concepts could be taught to the students just by integrating them with real life experiences. The workshop was not only educative but also thought provoking and provided an opportunity to the parents to learn something new and implement the same while teaching their young children. In the end the JW Co-coordinator Ms. Anjali Chaudhry addressed the parents appreciating their participation and cooperation towards the school.

In this complex world, it takes more than a good school to educate children. And it takes more than a good home. It takes these two major educational institutions working together.”- Dorothy Rich

We aim to achieve exactly what Ms. Rich propounds. When schools work together with parents to support learning, children tend to succeed not just in school, but throughout life.The facilitators guided the parents to regularly monitor the learning of their child and inculcate such methods to teach their child at home as well. The workshop concluded with an overwhelming response from the parents.

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