SPICMACAY - Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth is a priceless cultural heritage rooted in what is essentially Indian. It fosters a solid value based education which involves the absorption of aesthetics and spirituality in an increasingly competitive world. It also seeks to conserve and disseminate awareness about the rich heritage that we inherit from our learned ancestors in the form of Indian classical arts. It is done with the aid of attendant legends, rituals, mythology and philosophy. To promote the knowledge of world traditional music amongst youth, SPICMACAY has collaborated with Kalasetu- an Indo-French organization.

On October 31, 2017, the entire fraternity of Delhi Public School, Ludhiana got an opportunity to be the privileged beneficiaries of a friendly, poetic and inspiring duet performance by Julien Jugand- a French guitar player and Guillaume Duval- a maestro in double bass. Julien Jugand has learnt Western classical music and South American music. He plays and arranges folk and pop music. He also works as a sound engineer and an electronic music composer. The other artist Guillaume Duval has studied jazz and traditional music from Eastern Europe and West Africa.  

The campus of the school enlivened when the artists presented a friendly, poetic and stimulating duet from Western classical, Jazz and Latin-American repertoires. The elated audience stayed in the sublime world of rhythm and rhapsody all through the presentation. The music touched their hearts and left them spellbound. Apart from giving a mesmerising rendition, the artists also made it a point to impart knowledge about their instruments, namely the Spanish guitar and the Double Bass (a type of cello). They played a series of melodies, some of which were Waltz, Tango and Ces Petits Reins. The song ‘Traffic Jam’ became a huge hit amongst the students and the teachers alike.  The exponents detailed their instruments meticulously and put all the queries of the students to rest. The students were astonished to realize that the artists were not only fluent in French and English, but Hindi as well.

A wave of serenity spread over the audience. The performance left an indelible impression on the minds of students. One could witness the enthusiastic audience clapping thunderously after the performance. Subsequently, the Principal, Ms. Balmit Kaur honoured the maestros and expressed her gratitude to them. 

The momentous session added a riot of colours to the morning and left the audience enriched with vast musical experiences.

Added on: 31 Oct 2017

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