Barefoot Workshop

Barefoot Organization conducted a workshop on 19th May 2017 in Delhi Public School aiming to improve the education and quality of life of various boys and girls who are denied the chance to fulfill their potential. This workshop was a wonderful experience for the children which expanded their horizon of knowledge to a whole new level. On the first day the mentors Jonathan and Soumaya addressed thirty students of classes VI to IX and tried to widen their perspective and push their thinking skills higher. According to them the education should be so encompassing that each child must have the unique take away so as to satisfy his want for education. As every child comes to class and wants to be educated for various reasons, this session enabled them to interact and share their knowledge about environment and surroundings together.

On 20th May, the next day, fifteen teachers attended the same workshop. The basic idea of discussion was how to correlate the text books curriculum to real life situations. Instead of passive listeners students should make an interactive class room environment. There is a need to take issues beyond text books where children need to engage with and experience the world before they try to critically analyze it through their text. The use of art and videos can make the teaching interesting. Teacher needs to be very vigilant in order to understand the different learning styles of the children and incorporate different methods of teaching skills like story telling, hacks and conducting small activities. There are various means through which better learning can take place like audio, visual, kinesthetic and emotional learning. The emotional learning is the best means as it affects the children the most and they learn better.

The entire workshop was actually a thought provoking and delightful experience for the teachers.

Added on: 19 May 2017

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